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Complete remote communication network packages at competitive rental rates

Learn the questions everyone should ask before renting communication network equipment. Choose a low price and there is a good chance you are also going to get low reliability. Worse, you are going to have to absorb extra costs every time your communication system breaks down. Those costs add up and it won't be long before they dwarf any savings you achieved on the purchase price. Avoid that mistake by asking the following questions before you make any procurement decisions on portable towers, cellular communications, two-way radio, wireless rig intercom systems, satellite communications, television rentals and computer equipment rentals.

  1. Are we getting the latest communications technology?
  2. Does this provider understand the importance of reliability?
  3. Is the core business of the provider communication network installation and service?
  4. Is service available 24/7?
  5. Does this provider have a well established track record stretching over at least 10 years?
  6. Is safety a top priority for the company and its employees?

Our answers to all those questions is "yes!" Why settle for less? Get the whole story by contacting us online or by phone.

Expanding to meet the growing demand for our services

Recognizing the need to have offices close to where our clients operate, we are adding a third location, scheduled to open later this year in Grand Prairie. Our two existing locations are in Edmonton and Fort Nelson.

"Distance matters," notes Craig McDonald, CEO for Earth Communications. "If you are closer to your client, it stands to reason that you can provide installations and service faster than a competitor that is located farther away."

With quality, integrity and safe operations, Earth Communications will provide an array of products and services that empower our customers to communicate effectively in today's changing world.

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