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Nothing comes before safety. Nothing.

Know what to do next?  You would if you were an Earth Communications technician with complete safety training, including how to react if you encounter a bear. It is easy for Craig McDonald, CEO for Earth Communications, to explain why Earth Communications places such a high priority on health and safety. "You can talk about the financial cost of an accident, but for us health and safety is important because we want our employees to make it home safe at the end of the work day," says Mr. McDonald. "It's that simple."

24-hour service and technical support, provided on site or remotely by highly trained technicians

Safety training addresses the work performed by the technician and the sites where the technicians work, which can include oil and explorations site and mining sites with special safety issues. "We don't look at safety training as a one-time thing," notes Kevin Spitzmacher, CFO for Earth Communications. "We regularly repeat training in monthly safety meetings and exceed every minimal requirement."

Virtually every service delivered by the company has a safety element. For example, there are strictly enforced work-alone policies to ensure there are always two sets of eyes at a work site.

Specific training programs include Fall Arrest, H2S, Confined Space and Defensive Driving training. There is even a course on how to remain safe during a bear encounter.

Certificate of Recognition - Workplace Safety Worksafe BC Worksafe AB Comply Works ISNetWorld

With quality, integrity and safe operations, Earth Communications will provide an array of products and services that empower our customers to communicate effectively in today's changing world.

Certificate of Recognition - Workplace Safety Worksafe AB Comply Works ISNetWorld