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Fiber optics communications networks for local areas and remote harsh environments

Reasons to choose fiber optic communications

Fiber optics equipment options

Equipment specs

A fiber communications network provides significant bandwidth in a relatively compact package that is ideal for communication networks and sensor links in harsh and remote locations.

Fiber cabling offered by Earth Communications is tested and certified to extremely demanding specifications, a necessary step to ensure reliable performance even in environments with high/low temperatures, shock, vibration, radiation, corrosive conditions, high electromagnetic interference (EMI), high radio-frequency interference (RFI), and/or pressure extremes.

Ask us about our cost-effective, end-to-end solutions, including installation, which is handled by technicians certified to install fiber optic cables in industrial environments, including remote camps, oil and gas installations, mining facilities and hydro sites.

With quality, integrity and safe operations, Earth Communications will provide an array of products and services that empower our customers to communicate effectively in today's changing world.

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